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The Wargaming office in Saint Petersburg was established in 2011, when Wargaming strategically partnered with Lesta Studio. The studio itself was founded in 1991 and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Thanks to the professional team and a wealth of experience accumulated during this time, Lesta is rightfully considered one of the leading Russian game developing and media production companies (in its first 10 years, the studio specialized in video production and computer graphics).


Since 2000, the studio began developing computer games and has since amassed extensive experience in this field, having released over 15 projects of various genres (The Entente, Pacific Storm, Time Machine, The 9th Company, Elements of War, Nightmare Realm, Fright).

First and foremost, Lesta Studio is known for its military history games, which in 2011 enabled it to enter a strategic partnership with the creator of the world famous World of Tanks game, Wargaming. When the studio joined Wargaming, the teams combined their forces to create the naval ММО-action game World of Warships, which became a continuation of the legendary project World of Tanks and the final part of a trilogy of World of...

Wargaming’s command center in St. Petersburg resides in a building constructed in 1855, overlooking the Neva river. It used to be a part of the production facilities of the Pahl textile mill, and was turned into a comfortable modern business facility after renovation. The historical front of the building, large windows, high ceilings, and brick walls remind us of the past and create a special atmosphere. Today, the Wargaming St. Petersburg team employs about 400 people, and the office takes up 5000 sq. m.

Office Building
Over the years, while the team continued working on World of Warships, the naval theme has become increasingly pronounced in the office's design. Below, you can see the Hall anchor sitting in front of the reception desk. 3D-modelers hoping for an internship in the company get it as a test assignment; before you get to see the real thing, you have to “build” a virtual one.
SPB Anchor.jpg
Many of the studio interiors were designed with input from the employees, and in every room, there is artwork from the Art team. On the fifth floor, there’s a 56 sq. m graffiti on one of the walls. It was inspired by the visual style of the Italian 3D graffiti artist Peeta, and people from various teams of Wargaming Saint Petersburg worked together to bring it to life.
The studio’s working space is made up of offices (from small ones to the ones that 20 to 25 people share) and meeting rooms.
Eight kitchens offer a selection of teas and coffee, milk, cereals, apples, and carrots for a healthy snack. Anything you may need to make or reheat your lunch, the kitchens have it. There’s also a café on the ground floor.
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