Wargaming Moscow

Wargaming Moscow is a professional team with versatile experience it got together united by a common goal – develop legendary mobile games.
The studio was founded in October 2017. The team has already taken on development of a new AAA-game. Keeping the free spirit of a small studio, the team also benefits from being part of Wargaming’s family with its almost 20 years of experience in development and publishing.
As the number of projects increases with time, the studio will be growing. If you are passionate about developing mobile games as we are, we are happy welcome you on our team!

What Wargaming Moscow offers:
- Joining the team at the very beginning of a new game project;
- Working in a small and flexible team without bureaucracy;
- Good compensation and benefits;
- Office located close to the metro Technopark.

WG Moscow office
We invite all talented, energetic and dedicated professionals with experience in mobile games development to join the team.
Wargaming Moscow

Office address

115432, Moscow, Russia, 

Prospekt Andropova, 18к1,  rooms number 23-28

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