Wargaming Moscow

Moscow is one of the most prominent mobile game development centers around the globe. Wargaming Mobile joins this hub, establishing Wargaming Moscow development studio in October 2017.

Wargaming Moscow is headed by Andrey Zimenko, an experienced professional with a 13 years’ track record in game development. His previous jobs include overseeing mobile publishing in Wargaming Labs and leading a mobile development studio in Mail.Ru

Andrey Zimenko

A number of professionals who will constitute the core team for the new project has already joined Wargaming Moscow. These are very experienced guys – each of them has over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. The studio starts with the development of mid-core game which perfectly fits Wargaming portfolio. The studio will expand in course of time and increase the number of games in development and operation.

Wargaming Moscow office is located in the new business center "Nagatino I-land", which is just a few minutes away from the metro station Technopark. We have selected a spacious and bright office for comfortable and productive teamwork.

WG Moscow office
We invite all talented, energetic and dedicated professionals with experience in mobile games development to join the team.
Wargaming Moscow

Office address

115432, Moscow, Russia, 

Prospekt Andropova, 18к1,  rooms number 23-28

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