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Our Team

Our DAVA studio consists of two main development units: World of Tanks Blitz and the DAVA Engine. The World of Tanks Blitz team is focused on game development, starting from game design research to new game updates releases. The DAVA Engine Team develops the software that World of Tanks Blitz runs on. In total, more than 130 highly-skilled professionals are involved in game development and operations for 5 platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac, and Steam.

We are based in Minsk - the capital of the Republic of Belarus, a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage and extraordinary landscapes. Serving as both the capital of Belarus and the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Minsk is a hub of business and government. Although few older buildings survived WWII bombings and Stalinist construction projects, we are proud of our capital's long history and its continued cultural importance. The city boasts 16 museums, 11 theaters, and 139 libraries, including the National Library of Belarus, with collections housed in a towering glass geometric ball.

Global Reach

Over the past 18 years, we’ve developed a major presence in international markets with an incredible array of industry connections and partnerships combined with a vast and engaged audience. We have the right team that understands each market segment and are ready to harness their skills to help your project shine.

Proven and Tested Publishing Expertise

We’ve built a name for being on the cutting-edge. With an eye for future trends and consumer demands, we leverage core expertise from across the industry to offer strategic counsel on all stages leading to release and beyond. We’re there with you every step of the way: in development, distribution, localization, publishing, and marketing.

Personalized Approach

We’re a passionate group of gamers, who love helping game creators succeed. We started as developers and today we put developers first. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach because we know that everyone’s needs are different. We believe in clear communication. Our partnerships are about openness, flexibility, and constructive feedback.


- An intense and exciting atmosphere. Working with us will likely be your most challenging job—but perhaps also the most exciting and rewarding!
- A friendly, dynamic and motivated team where nobody is a stranger and your creativity and voice will be heard and encouraged;
- A competitive salary with an incentive program that rewards and recognizes outstanding performance;
- A modern, spacious office with meeting and social spaces to encourage team members to collaborate and relax; cafeteria and kitchen areas on each floor with free healthy snacks; 3 gyms with a variety of fitness programs, including hockey, football, and Thai boxing!
- Opportunities to learn new skills and reach your fullest potential through in-house training programs, peer-to-peer groups, and the opportunity to attend industry conferences;
- Social events: summer BBQ and kids' camps, annual New Year's party, and a kids' Christmas party;
- Flexible work and leave schedules (up to 4 weeks!);
- Medical coverage at four of the best Belarusian medical centers


We welcome talent from across the globe, providing full support in terms of relocation and adapting to a new city:

- Immigration paperwork for employees and their families; 
- Flight tickets and airport transportation;
- Assistance in finding an apartment.


We’re lucky enough to be situated in the colorful, vibrant city of Minsk. The heart of World of Tanks development, it’s a warm and friendly city that has something for everyone:

- It’s ridiculously clean with pristine streets and stunning architecture, perfect for long strolls and bicycle rides;
- A great city for both business and leisure, Minsk offers a fine mixture of historical sites and verdant parks with lively hi-tech districts;
- Its vibrant, culture-rich life of theaters, music halls, bars and restaurants has more than enough to keep you entertained; 
- It’s home for a great variety of wellness and sport facilities;
- With its advanced infrastructure and reputable education system, Minsk combines all the advantages of living in a family-friendly, safe environment and being part of a leading-edge global company.

Office address

Minsk, Belarus, 
Partisanski Prospect 178/2

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