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Wargaming HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus, is where you'll find our top management and core leadership team of seasoned leaders from inside and outside the game industry. They leverage their experience to create new visions in the online, social, and mobile entertainment space.
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Based in Cyprus at Wargaming HQ, our team consists of professionals with years of experience from different backgrounds and cultures. Our mission is to focus all our efforts on conquering the mobile market with Wargaming products.
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Imagine a small utopian island with crystal blue sea, golden sands, forest and green mountain. A place that has relaxed atmosphere and a celebration of diversity and different cultures. it’s The genuine warmth and hospitality of the Cypriot will make you feel right at home the moment you step on this island. When you make friends with Cypriots you make friends for life. Combined with one of the lowest crime rates in the world for its size, Cyprus is among the safest places to live.

Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean and lies at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Cyprus is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean with cultural influences from all directions. Many civilizations have left their mark on the island, contributing to the development of a rich heritage. The biggest group of expats living in Cyprus consists of British nationals, but there are also large communities of Americans, Russians, and other European nationals to be found.

Cyprus Beach
With approximately 340 days of sunshine per year and a coastline teeming with endless stretches of golden sands, secluded bays, and rocky coves, where better to relax at the end of the work week but by the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea? Or, to take a break from the hot weather in Summer and a have a complete change of scenery, why not unwind with a bike ride through the beautiful Troodos mountains? One of the perks of Cyprus is that the relatively small size of the island means that you are always just a short journey away from anywhere you would like to visit. It will take you less than thirty minutes to get to the nearest beach and an hour to go skiing in Troodos (did we mentioned that we have skiing in the winter?). Other popular recreational activities include visiting ancient ruins, windsurfing, paragliding, SCUBA diving, deep-sea fishing, racing, and running.
Ocean View
It’s difficult to mention Cyprus and not talk about the food since Cypriots treat eating like a national sport. Cypriot cuisine is a unique blend of Greek and Arabic food heavily influenced by the Mediterranean diet, said to be one of the healthiest in the world. The best way to experience the delicious food is to order the meze (seemingly endless small plates with various hors d'oeuvres and samples of delicious bites).
Cyprus Kyrenia
Considering moving with your spouse and kids ? Don’t let this stop you. Whenever you go out to shop, dine, or even for a walk, you will experience Cyprus as a very family-friendly place. Everywhere you will find plenty of kindergartens, schools, and top colleges in multiple languages (for example the University of Nicosia has 76 different nationalities studying there). There are also many great English and Russian options for your kids with native teachers in private schools.

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Dimostheni Severi 33, Nicosia
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