World of Warships Blitz and Side-Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up Azur Lane Join Forces


The two mobile worlds come together with a total of eight collaboration ships taking to the high seas across the year

World of Warships Blitz is partnering with fellow mobile game Azur Lane to bring a unique collaboration to players. Both titles are inspired by naval warfare and warships of the mid-20th century. 

We were very excited when we heard the news that Wargaming Mobile was bringing naval battles to mobile. As such, we are ecstatic to further and expand our partnership with the World of Warships franchise. We may have different art styles, but we share the same passion for naval history and ships.
— Ryan Qin, Publishing Director at Yostar

Starting March 26, the game will be introducing 8 Azur Lane-themed ships, releasing them one at a time. Each warship will have a unique futuristic camo, inspired by the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up, alongside unique Azur Lane commanders. They are:

  • Prinz Eugen, Tier VIII German Cruiser
  • Graf Zeppelin, Tier VII German Aircraft Carrie
  • Admiral Graf Spee, Tier VI German Cruise
  • Scharnhorst, Tier VII German Battleship
  • Indianapolis, Tier VII American Cruiser
  • Kaga, Tier VII Japanese Aircraft Carrier
  • Belfast, Tier VII British Cruiser
  • Tirpitz, Tier VIII German Battleship
With their visual aesthetic, these ships stand out and bring a very unique futuristic look to our game. Our partnership is perfect as both of our titles are on mobile platforms and have a core focus on ships. We hope the collaboration continues to flourish and we will see more Azur Lane-inspired warships in the game throughout 2019.
— Nad Adjir, World of Warships Blitz Senior Product Manager

The first warship on sale will be the Admiral Graf Spee and it will be available from 26 March until 28 March 12:00 GMT. Those who wish to complete the collection will need to check the in-game store as every ship will be available for a limited time only and may suddenly appear in the store without notice.
Published by Yostar and developed by Yongshi and Manjuu, Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up mobile game currently available worldwide. In January 2019, World of Warships Blitz celebrated its 1st birthday by reaching 11m downloads worldwide and pocketing a Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award.

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