German Reinforcements Set Sail for World of Warships Blitz


A new line of destroyers are ready to break the mold

A collection of nine German destroyers are about to take the plunge and battle in the naval theater of war that is World of Warships Blitz. These vessels are unlike any other destroyers seen so far in the mobile MMO game.
Destroyers are usually stealthy assassins that target large unsuspecting ships with a barrage of torpedoes, but these German vessels are here to break the mold. They instead prey on their national counterparts—other destroyers—hunting them down by using their mobility, speed and skills to their advantage.
The new line of destroyers are:

  • V-25, Tier II
  • G-101, Tier III
  • V-170, Tier IV
  • T-22, Tier V
  • Ernst Gaede, Tier VI
  • Leberecht Maass, Tier VII
  • Z-23, Tier VIII
  • Z-46, Tier IX
  • Z-52, Tier X
From Tier VI, these destroyers have a large HP pool and a special Sonar skill – unique to this branch – Hydro Acoustic Search. This ability allows players to track down hard-to-spot vessels and flush them out. In general, the line boasts good maneuverability and speed, fast-firing torpedoes, decent guns with good range and armor-piercing shells that can help take down other destroyers.
But captains of these ships must be careful. Due to their wider silhouette, these destroyers are a larger target. Combine that with weak armor and anti-aircraft weaponry and players will need to make sure they are concealed in order not to be sunk and sent back to the Port.
The line will be available to research starting from the Tier I German cruiser Hermelin from today.
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