German Battleships Set Sail for World of Warships Blitz


Eight of the fatherland’s vessels and more is coming with the latest update.

A new collection of battleships are ready to fight in World of Warships Blitz. Hailing from Germany, these vessels boast great armor and strong secondary guns so they can get up close and personal in a firefight. While quite fast in terms of battleship speed, they lack a certain amount of maneuverability due to large turning arcs.
The new ships are:
  • Tier III: Nassau
  • Tier IV: Kaiser
  • Tier V: Koenig
  • Tier VI: Bayern
  • Tier VII: Gneisenau
  • Tier VIII: Bismarck
  • Tier IX: Friedrich (der Große)
  • Tier X: Großer Kurfürst
Starting from the Bayern, these ships have automatic secondary guns on top of the manual ones making them even more dangerous in close combat.

New Port: Hamburg

A new port locale arrives and it’s perfect to store your German warships in. For anyone who has a Tier VI or higher German ship automatically unlocks the new Hamburg port!

New Map: Bay of Storms

For Tier V to VII battles, Bay of Storms has been added to the random battle map pool. Unlike any other location, both teams’ bases are in the center of the map and a large island is the only thing separating them.
World of Warships Blitz is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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