David Mullich Visits the Wargaming Mobile Minsk Office


David Muhlich is the head of the development of several legendary computer games, including Heroes of Might and Magic III. The third "Heroes" has been released 20 years ago, but even now the game has a big following of fans, especially in the CIS. 

One of the most successful mobile games in the region, World of Tanks Blitz is also celebrating an anniversary this year: it will turn 5 years old in June. On this occasion, the Wargaming Mobile Minsk team that develops the tank shooter on mobile organized David's visit for experience exchange. 

The Wargaming Mobile Minsk has invited David Mullich to elaborate on how to create successful games such as Heroes of Might and Magic III, and share his unique experience with the company's employees.  Here we publish the video from that session for the entire gamedev-community. Enjoy!
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