Allez les Bleus! French Cruisers Set Sail for World of Warships Blitz


An Entire Tech Tree Flying the Tricolore Is Ready to Do Battle

French Cruisers Set Sail for World of Warships Blitz

World of Warships Blitz has some reinforcements arriving—the entirely new French tech tree starting with cruisers. Starting at Tier I and leading all the way up to Tier X, they are ready to fly the Tricolore and unleash havoc on the marine battlefield. The full list is:
- Tier I: Bougainville
- Tier II: Jurien de la Gravière
- Tier III: Friant
- Tier IV: Duguay-Trouin
- Tier V: Émile Bertin
- Tier VI: La Galissonnière
- Tier VII: Algérie
- Tier VIII: Charles Martel
- Tier IX: Saint-Louis
- Tier X: Henri IV
Throughout the line, these cruisers boast good mobility, fast turret traverse, and wide torpedo rotation. For those looking for a starting cruiser line, the French is a great place to start as they are very easy to control. Overall, the armaments on these French mariners are reliable in terms of armor-piercing and high-explosive shells, but the reload speed is slightly slower than their US and German counterparts.
One thing to note, they are a bit fragile, meaning you need to be tactical before engaging the enemy. Thus, starting at Tier VI, these cruisers are equipped with a powerful version of the Fast Reload Skill that allows them to burst the skill duration. Once players reach Tier VII, they will certainly see the good Hit Point pools these cruisers have.
To recognize the introduction of this new cruiser line, a new port is being added to the game set in an iconic French city. Now, commanders can hum La Marseillaise whilst looking at their French ships in the port of Marseille. This locale will unlock once a player has a Tier VI or higher French ship in their port.

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