Alexander Ovechkin Is Ready to Command in World of Warships Blitz


From 21 to 28 February, the ice hockey legend can lead players’ ships into battle

Last year, hockey superstar, Alexander Ovechkin became an ambassador for World of Warships. Now, he’s taking command of World of Warships Blitz. There will be two versions of Ovechkin—one that can be used with Soviet ships and the other for American vessels—and from 21st to 28th February, players will be able to get “the Great Eight” in a couple of ways.
Both versions of Commander Ovechkin will be available as part of an event called “Victory Blitz”, where players can earn keys to open special crates. The American Ovi will be a reward for winning a certain amount of battles, and by earning keys to open crates for free, players will have the chance to get the Soviet variant.
Alongside Commander Ovechkin, players will be able to pick up a special ice hockey-themed camo that can be applied to the American Tier VIII battleship, Alabama. Plus, there will also be the opportunity for commanders to add the legendary winger to their portraits collection.
A winner of the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award and with 11m+ downloads, World of Warships pits sea-faring captains in 7v7 combat, which will test an array of skills in every battle.
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