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Our current vacancies at Wargaming St Petersburg:

Lead Programmer (Unity)

Wargaming St. Petersburg (Lesta Studio) is looking to hire a Lead programmer (Unity) to work on a new game for mobile platforms. 

What you will do:
- Devise a cutting-edge strategic project for mobile devices.
- Lead a team of programmers, carry out regular meetings.
- Take part in planning milestones.
- Work hand in hand with game designers to develop new gameplay solutions.
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Lead Game Designer

Wargaming Saint Petersburg (Lesta Studio) is looking for a Lead Game Designer to work on a new mobile game. 

What you will do:
- Develop a game concept, gameplay mechanics, and features.
- Create the game design document and keep it updated.
- Develop game logic, economics, progression and monetization systems.
- Develop new and/or adjust existing gameplay for mobile platforms.
- Analyze stats, support and evolve the game post-launch.
- Communicate with other teams (request feature development from programmers and assets from artists).
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