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Wargaming Mobile - Berlin: Why join us?

- Joining an international team of people passionate about gaming;
- Working in one of the main European hubs for mobile game development;
- Startup within a company with 19 years of experience in game development;
- Flexible working hours & work from home;
- Unlimited leave upon manager approval;
- Public transportation ticket;
- Company cell phone of your choice;
- Gym membership coverage;
- Snacks, drinks, and fruit in the office;
- Home internet reimbursement
                                                                                  ...and more!

3PP Producer (m/f)

Wargaming Mobile is looking for 3PP Producer. What will you do? 
- Work with remote development teams to create amazing mobile games
- Take titles through the game development lifecycle, managing the expectations of project stakeholders at all stages
- Evaluate the potential success and quality of titles through a combination of metrics and qualitative review
- Support teams in a wide variety of ways including design, vision refinement, process refinement, hiring, etc.
- Support teams in running a variety of project management methodologies (Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, etc.)
- Evaluate development milestones against acceptance criteria to ensure projects are on track
- Provide visibility in project tracking and team health, seeing the bigger picture and reporting on progress
- Be the go-to person for interaction between development and publishing teams such as QA, Localization, Legal, Finance, etc.
- Work with distributed teams and outsource partners to ensure delivery of their components on time
- Build visibility into project costs and look for ways to optimize
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IT Technician (m/f)

What will you do?
- Use of ticket system to manage and prioritize user requests
- Diagnose and resolve IT issues
- Manage pool of Windows & MacOS (OSX) laptops & desktops including inventory and replacement
- Install and configure hardware and software
- Basic network management including patching and Wi-Fi support

- Follow data security principles in terms of user permissions and manage backups
- Work within a global team and escalate issues when necessary
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Senior PR Manager (m/f)

What you will do:
- Define preferred media segments, based on a product's marketing strategy
- Maintain existing and establish and develop new relationships with certain journalists and media
- Choose topics that will be both of interest to media to help promote our games or corporate agenda
- Prepare information (facts, comments, etc.) needed to create and publish articles
- Prepare and deliver reports
- Plan PR activities for future periods
- Write compelling press releases, fact sheets, background information, messaging documents and other media support documents with little editing required
- Develop and execute on the thought leadership communication plan, which includes crafting narratives and messaging, securing opportunities for speaking, bylines, quotes, and other influencer engagements
- Working with external PR agencies where necessary
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Senior TechOps Engineer (m/f)

Wargaming Mobile is looking for a Senior TechOps Engineer to join our team in Berlin. What you will do:
- build and maintain the infrastructure that underpins our mobile games platform;
- provide 24/7 support to our games development engineers;
- assist game teams in optimizing their server architecture for reliability, cost, and performance;
- participate in greenfield projects (microservices, web services) from the start;
- build self-service deployment tools and optimize deployment patterns for ease of use and reliability;
- perform automatization and then even more automatization;
- share your knowledge within your team and mentor junior team members.
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User Acquisition Manager (m/f)

What will you do?
- Design, manage, implement, and execute user acquisition strategies
- Analyze and optimize user acquisition campaigns based on performance KPI’s
- Manage and distribute budgets in cooperation with Head of user acquisition
- Provide data-driven decisions about creative development
- Provide feedback on titles to development teams for performance improvement
- Assist Product Marketing Managers with overall marketing strategy for portfolio
- Manage relationships with user acquisition partners & internal teams such as Product Teams and BI
- Contribute to the development of new user acquisition toolset
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Senior Designer IDeA (Mobile) (m/f)

Wargaming Mobile is an exciting division within Wargaming that acts as a proving ground for innovative and outstanding mobile projects. Your responsibilities as the Art Director will include:
- driving the artistic vision on a project in line with the overall creative direction for the game;
- planning and evaluate development deadlines;
- team management;
- developing technical processes to handle artistic component in projects;
- ensuring that artists have clear benchmarks for asset production.
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Marketing Art Director (m/f)

We are seeking a Marketing Art Director to join our publishing team. Qualified candidates will be accountable for leading a world-class Marketing art team. This individual would be responsible for managing the marketing art production process and the overall aesthetic of the work. As a leader in the Marketing art team, you will inspire and motivate the team to deliver their best work and provide effective and constructive feedback. A thorough understanding of Marketing Art creation for mobile games is essential for success.
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Senior Backend Engineer (m/f)

Your responsibilities will include:
- designing and develop webapps that will be used across our game studios and within Wargaming Mobile; 
- designing fast, intuitive and easy to use interfaces on top of our ecosystem of microservices; 
- understanding technical requirements and work closely with our backend engineers and non-technical stake-holders; 
- participating in green field projects from inception to production. 
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Senior Frontend Engineer (m/f)

Your responsibilities will include:
- designing and develop web apps that will be used across our game studios and within Wargaming Mobile; 
- designing fast, intuitive and easy to use interfaces on top of our ecosystem of microservices; 
- understanding technical requirements and work closely with our backend engineers and non-technical stakeholders; 
- participating in greenfield projects from inception to production. 
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Senior Product Marketing Manager (m/f)

An exciting opportunity for a Senior Product Marketing manager to join our Berlin team.
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Technical QA (m/f)

Your responsibilities will include:
- working together with the dev teams and create test plans for a set of products; 
- implementing the test plans and make sure they are integrated in out CI/CD pipeline; 
- ensuring that we as teams deliver stable, robust and high-quality products; 
- performing manual and automatic tests. 
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Senior UX Designer IDeA (Mobile) (m/f)

We are looking for a UX Director to join our Wargaming Mobile team in Berlin.
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Analyst (m/f)

What will you do?
- Analyze game data and build reports for game teams
- Develop and maintain dashboards showcasing game health and player behavior
- Execute complex analysis to discover why players love our games
- Work with stakeholders to implement new metrics
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